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Lake Louise Gondola

The Best Grizzly Bear Viewing & Scenery In The Canadian Rockies!

Ascend To One Of Banff National Park's Greatest Mountain Viewpoints Where Grizzly Bears Are Spotted Almost Daily! Tour Our Free Wildlife Interpretive Centre, Take A Guided Walk And Dine In A Variety Of Unique Restaurants!

We're open daily for summer 2017 until Sunday, October 8!

Take advantage of our huge free parking lots and free shuttle service!

Purchase tickets online or at the resort, it's up to you!

From gourmet dining to grab & go items we have it all!

Lake Louise Is One Of The Best Places On Earth To See Wild Grizzly Bears In Their Natural Environment!

Grizzly Bear
With almost daily sightings, many of our guests are treated to this rare and awesome spectacle of nature. Check out our grizzly bear & wildlife sightings calendar and see for yourself!

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  • TOP NEWS: AUGUST 31, 2017
Fall Sightseeng At Lake Louise

Immerse yourself in the beauty of golden larches this fall while enjoying an unmatched and safe opportunity to see grizzly bears in their natural habitat amid some of the most stunning scenery in the world. ...

  • TOP NEWS: MAY 11, 2017
Delicious Summer Dining Options

Starting opening day we're offering a tasty breakfast buffet and sizzling hot food off the grill in the Lodge of Ten Peaks. Starting June 16 enjoy gourmet dining at Whithorn Bistro, mountain themed sushi and ramen from Kuma Yama and savory BBQ ...

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